Kidvelo Rookie 14 Balance / Pedal Bike

kidvelo rookie 14 balance to pedal bike

The Kidvelo Rookie 14 is a great choice if your child is likely to start pedalling at some point soon. The Rookie 14 starts out as a balance bike but comes with a simple-to-fit pedal conversion kit, meaning you get two bikes for the price of one.

If you decide to try your child with pedals and they’re not quite ready you can quickly revert to the balance bike for a while longer.

Kidvelo Rookie 14 balance and pedal bike

The Rookie 14 has been designed with the learning to ride phase in mind, with an upright riding position, lightweight frame and child sized components.

For more details on why we think the Rookie 14 is a great option, check out our Kidvelo Rookie 14 review.

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