Islabikes Cnoc 14 Small

Islabikes are the original quality kids bike brand, and when you buy a Cnoc 14 Small you’re buying into all the years of expertise and obsession that have gone into making some of the best specified kids bikes in the world.

You also need a very healthy bank balance, as an Islabike is not cheap. And be warned that if you succumb you’re either committing to a decade or more of Islabikes, else you’re going to end up comparing every other bike you buy your child to it’s incredibly high standard.  Something to consider before you embark on the Islabikes journey.

The Cnoc 14 Small is one of the smallest 14″ wheel pedal bikes available and is suitable for an inside leg from just 34cm.  It’s not surprising therefore that it’s popular with children who are desperate to move onto pedals from their balance bike but don’t fit the majority of other 14″ wheelers (and certainly don’t want a clunky 12″ wheel bike).

The attention to detail borders on the obsessive with every component carefully designed for such a young rider. The pedals, the cranks, the brakes, the frame, the saddle, the list goes on and on – every bit of this bike has been designed for the size of the child riding it. 

And when your child has outgrown the bike you can rest smug in the knowledge that if you’ve looked after it well you’re probably going to recoup most of the cost when you sell it on.

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