Forme Hartington 16

If you’re looking for a Dutch city style kids bike with a basket on the front then the Forme Hartington 16 is a possible option. 

It has a low frame and easy-reach brakes, non- slip pedals and a brown wicker basket and comes in a choice of pastel shades. 

It’s worth noting that the Forme Hartington 16 is quite a lot heavier than many other kids bikes, so is going to be suited to a more sedate style of cycling, and could be too heavy for some children.

Weighing in at over 10kg you do need to consider whether your young rider that the strength to ride and manoeuvre this bike easily (and whether you can carry it when they get fed up!)

For this reason it’s probably suited to slightly older children who have matured enough to handle a heavier bike. 

As a comparison, Forme have a lighter range of kids bikes, with the Forme Cubley 16 weighing in at over 3.5kg lighter than the Hartington – you could add a wicker basket to a lighter bike if your child isn’t particularly strong. 


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