Forme Cubley 14

Forme Cubley 14

Forme Bikes are a British company based in Derbyshire, close to the Peak District National Park. 

In 2020 they launched a range of well-specified lightweight kids bikes, with the Cubley 14 being the smallest pedal bike in their range. 

The Cubley has all the features that you want when your child is learning to ride so they gain confidence quickly.

Weighing in at just 6.12kg the Cubley 14 is light enough for your child to pick it up and manoeuvre themselves, and not too heavy for you to carry if they suddenly decide they’ve had enough halfway through your ride.

The geometry of the Cubley 14 has been designed with the youngest of riders in mind, and it comes with a size specific crankset and pedals for little legs, narrow bars, and a short reach stem.

The 14″ diameter wheelset is alloy and attaches to the frame with nuts.

The headset – the bit that attaches the fork to the frame – is an integrated one so keeps the bearings hidden away internally and hopefully away from the great British weather!

The good news is that Forme is partnering with The Bike Club to make the Cubley 14 available on their popular monthly rental scheme.   

If you’ve not heard of the Bike Club, it’s an environmentally and wallet friendly scheme where you pay a monthly fee for a bike and swap it for the next size up as soon as your Sprog outgrows it – if you start now it’ll save you loads of hassle over the coming years!

If you’re wondering where the name Cubley comes from, it’s a tiny parish in Derbyshire, which was mentioned in the Domesday Book.

We’ve been sent a couple of the new Forme Bikes to review – here’s our first impressions review of the Forme Cubley

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