Cube Cubie 160

If your Cycle Sprog is going to be doing a lot of off-road riding, for example at trail centres, then the Cube 160 16″ wheel bike will make them look the part. It’s styled on Cube’s adult mountain biking range but has child sized components suited for a 4 or 5 year old.

IMPORTANT: With this bike, it’s worth noting that there is a rear coaster brake, which means your child must back pedal to stop, as well as using the more common front rim brake (with a brake lever).

Some kids (and parents) love coaster brakes, others don’t. They tend to be more popular in the US and Europe than the UK, but are useful if your child is not yet able to use the brake levers to stop.

The Cube Cubie 160 comes with a rear mudguard to keep off most of the dirt and a chain guard to keep things clean.

It’s not the lightest bike in this wheel size, coming in at 7.5 kg, but the rear coaster brake will add weight to the aluminium frame and components.

We’ve reviewed a number of high end Cube kids bikes and have been impressed with their durability and quality, although haven’t tested this specific bike.

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