Cube Acid 200 AllRoad

Cube are a German brand with a reputation for building quality, long lasting bikes.  They also have lots of different models of the same wheel size, to suit different types of cyclist.

With the Cube Acid 200 AllRoad they’ve taken their base Acid 200 model and added some accessories that are likely to be needed when riding on roads or (if you’re lucky) lovely safe cycle paths.

So with the Cube Acid 200 AllRoad you get dynamo-powered lights, snap-on mudguards and a kickstand, which make this a more versatile choice of bike for children who are going to be riding their bikes to school during the week and want to explore further at the weekends or holidays.

Cube use the same grade aluminium as on their adult mountain bikes, which they say is “light and strong, thanks to a curved and formed down tube that’s tailored specifically to a young rider’s weight”.

They’ve also fitted a replaceable derailleur hanger so that an unexpected tumble doesn’t write off the frame.

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