BTwin Rockrider ST 500 26 inch

BTwin (who are an in-house brand of Decathlon) are going through a makeover of their bicycle range, with kids bikes deemed high priority with a number of models revamped and coming into stock.

The BTwin Rockrider ST500 is a 26″ wheel kids mountain bike aimed at riders around 9-12 years of age and between 135 and 150cm tall.

Featuring an aluminium frame and suspension fork at the front, the ST500 comes with a single chainring and 7 speed gearing using a thumbshifter to minimise complications (kids mountain bikes at this cheap a price usually have a lot more gears that are confusing to use and harder to maintain).

The bike is equipped with v-brakes and a set of tyres suitable for gentle off roading.

They’ve got a great video on the Decathlon website showing the types of fun you can have on these bikes.

The BTwin Rockrider ST500 really does represent value for money and would be a great way to get a child off road and muddy!

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