Btwin Riverside 20″ 900

New for 2022 from Decathlon is the BTwin Riverside 900 – a lightweight aluminium bike at a great price point.

For ages Decathlon’s own brand BTwin kids bikes have been much heavier steel affairs, so we’re really pleased to see that they’re upgrading to aluminium for the frame, fork and chainset. Not only is this lighter (and therefore easier to ride) it’s also much less likely to rust.

The Btwin Riverside 900 with 20″ wheels is a great hybrid bike for ages 6 – 9 years old with a height of 120 – 135cm.

It is available in a grey/green colour and is a lightweight bike that will be great for riding both on tarmac and on the trails.

The specification on the 900 range of BTwin kids bikes includes all the things we’d expect to see at a much higher price.  This means you get things such as easy to use gears, child friendly brakes and shorter cranks for easier pedalling.

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