BTwin 16 900

It’s unusual to find a lightweight aluminium framed 16″ wheel kids bike at this price point.  B’Twin is the in-house brand for Decathlon, which explains why – they’re such a huge company they have economies of scale that many smaller brands don’t have.  This means they can deliver a great value kids bike at a cheap price.

Until recently Decathlon’s kids bikes were all heavy steel framed affairs, but they’re been upgrading their range and the B’Twin 16 900 is a great example of what they’ve managed to deliver.

The BTwin 16 weighs in at 7.3kg, which is significantly lighter than most cheap 16 inch kids bikes at this price, or lower.

Plus the bicycle is fitted with mudguards, a kickstand and a chain guard, which can be great additions if you’re riding regularly to school or around town and want your child to ride their own bike.

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