Black Mountain PINTO

Designed in the heart of the Welsh Black Mountains, the PINTO is the smallest offering from Black Mountain Bikes.

Their bikes feature a unique, patented, growing frame (which they call UP:SCALE – they are fond of capital letters!)

This means that your child starts off with the bike in the smaller mode, and when they start to outgrow the bike you adjust the frame into the larger mode and get a whole load more use out of it.

You can also remove the entire pedal / crank / chain part of the bike and have it as a pure balance bike, which is an added bonus if your child hasn’t yet fully mastered balancing.   This means you won’t need stabilisers – you can switch from balance to pedal mode if they need.

Black Mountain growing bike

The growing frame and 14″ wheels does mean the Black Mountain is slightly heavier than some of the other quality kids bike brands, but it’s only marginal compared to a steel framed, heavy starter bike with stabilisers.

You can read our review of the PINTO and how the growing frame works here.

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