Black Mountain KAPĒL

The most important thing to know about Black Mountain bikes is that you’re actually getting two (and sometimes three) bikes in one.

Their bikes have a really clever “growing frame” which means that when your child outgrows the original frame size you can adjust the frame and the gearing to make it last much longer.

This means you get at least two bikes for your money and don’t have the hassle of having to sort out a new bike.

The KAPĒL is their 18″ wheel offering, but taller children may want to move straight onto the 20″ wheel HUTTØ to get maximum usage.

Most 18″ wheel bike are single speed, meaning they don’t have gears.  The KAPĒL is one of the exceptions, making it ideal for those who regularly ride hills.  Do remember that not all children are ready to start using gears at this age.

Another clever feature about these bikes is the fact that they can start out in balance bike mode if needed (you do need to buy an additional balance bike convertor kit) so your child can progress from learning to balance through to pedalling all without you needing to buy a new bike.

This is also handy is a younger sibling turns out not be ready for pedals at the same time as the older one.  If your child does need this option you’re getting three bikes in one.

This makes the Black Mountain KAPĒL a great choice if your child is currently using stabilisers and you want to get them pedalling, as they can get used to balancing and picking up speed plus using braking before you add the pedals.

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