Bobbin Gingersnap 12″ kids bike review

If you’re looking for style and function in a kids bike, then check out our review of the Bobbin Gingersnap 12″ to find out what our 4 yr old tester thought

The Cycle Sprog review of 2017

Well, another year draws to a close. 2017 has just flown by – it seems like only yesterday that I was writing the Cycle Sprog review of 2016!!   As our boys get older, we’ve been able to get out and do more and more adventurous cycling – it feels as if the years of hauling…

FollowMe tandem cycle hitch – full review

Looking for a robust towbar to attach your child’s bike to yours? The FollowMe tandem cycle hitch is a premium product aimed at serious cyclists

Best bike for a 6 year old girl

The best bikes for a 6 year old girl

From riding to school to hitting the trails at the weekend, we’ve got bikes for all purposes covered!

The best bike lights for kids – Winter 2021

Now the nights are drawing in it’s important to make sure your child is visible in the dark

The best 14″ starter bikes for children aged 3 and 4 years

There’s an increasing choice of quality, lightweight starter bikes with a 14″ wheel – we take a look at the best

The best 12″ wheel first pedal bikes for ages 2 years and over

Buying your child’s very first pedal bike is such a milestone – and you want to make sure you’re choosing the best bike for them. There’s a bewildering range of kids first pedal bikes available, so in this article, we look at the various 12″ wheel kids bikes suitable for children aged about 2 and…

Ben Scott Green - Arizona and Early Rider Featured image

Best girls bikes – as recommended by girls who ride bikes

Is there such a thing as a best girls bike?  And should we even be asking the question as a bike is a bike, and surely it should be good for either a boy or a girl? The problem, however, is that if you’re looking to buy a bike for a girl and don’t know…

Cuda CP700R kids road / cyclocross bike in action shot of cyclocross tyres on grass

Types of kids bikes explained

If you’re looking for a new bike for your son or daughter, then you’re going to want to make sure you get the best bike for them (and your wallet).  There are a bewildering array of bikes out there – balance bikes, pedal bikes, BMX, mountain bikes, hybrids, road bikes, cyclo-cross bikes.  It’s important that…

Birthday cake

Happy 5th birthday to us!!!

Happy birthday to us!! Time flies, and Cycle Sprog has grown up a lot over the past 5 years……