Balance bikes – what’s new at the 2012 Cycle Show?

There’s no denying that the balance bike is here to stay.  They are a brilliant way to get toddlers and young children on two wheels, and at the 2012 Cycle Show (which took place at The Birmingham NEC from 27th to 30th September),  there were lots of great new balance bikes and accessories on display.  Here’s Cycle Sprog’s round-up of what’s going on in the fast-paced, fun world of balance bikes this season.


Kids moped balance bike with union jack by KiddimotoKiddimoto had a huge range of exciting designs of balance bikes on show, with new paint jobs being released on a regular basis.  Prices start from about £60.  We particularly liked the moped style  Brit Pop Scooter, for the young mods out there, and the Union Jack Kurve got a big thumbs up from our 4 year old on the test track.

Balance Bike for older children with disabilities or balance problems

Kiddimoto have also just launched a Middi version of their best selling Kurve Balance Bike.  Aimed at 6 to 12 year olds, this is an ideal option for older children, particularly those who aren’t able to ride a bike with pedals due to a disability or difficulty with co-ordination.

Spotty Cycle Helmet for Kids riding a bike by Kiddimoto

The range of Kiddimoto childrens helmets (RRP £24.99)  is fantastic – with everything from the classic Pastel Dotty helmet through to this Police Helmet which will be a popular addition to dressing up costumes, as well as for use on the bike.  Kiddimoto helmets come in two sizes.  The small, at 48cm to 52cms is ideal for even the smallest head, whilst the medium fits those with a head between 53cm and 58cm.

Kiddimoto cycling glove for toddlers

Kiddimoto have also released a range of fingerless childrens cycling gloves, (RRP £7.99) aimed at very small hands. The small size is fits hands aged 2 to 4 years old and provides protection and grip for your budding cyclist.  The medium size glove is for kids aged 4 to 7 years.   The gloves can be co-ordinated with the helmets for a super cool look!

Where to buy Kiddimoto

John Lewis and Chain Reaction Cycles stock the Kiddimoto range of bikes and helmets.


There was plenty of interest at the Strider Balance Bikes stand, as they were showing a video of their Strider World Cup.  The next round is at the National Cycle Centre in Manchester on Sunday November 18th 2012 at 9am – don’t miss it!

Strider Balance Bike coloured wheels for saleAs well as show casing their Balance Bikes  (from £84.99), Strider also now have a range of colourful new range of accessories to allow you to personalise each bike.  There are handle bar grips, Ultralight Wheels, seats and number plates so there’s no excuse for a dull bike!


Raleigh were showcasing their new style balance bike out, called the Sunbeam Skedaddle. With 12″ wheels and a rear brake, it comes in two colours – the boys design is red design is called the Sunbeam, and the girls pink.

The Sunbeam Skedaddle can be bought from local bike shops around the UK.

Glide Bikes

GBalance Bike for older kids, aged 5 to 10 years oldlide Bikes are very light and come in three sizes – the Mini Glider (ages 2 to 5 years), the Go Glider (ages 5 to 10 years) and an adult version called the Superglider, which is a balance bike and bicycle in one.

Glide Balance Bikes come with a footpeg, which allows riders to travel further without catching their feet on the ground, and helps further develop their balance.


The Haro Z10 has great styling for any budding BMXers out there. A well thought through handle makes it easy to carry when your little one has had enough riding.

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