Woom 3 review

Woom 3 bike review – a quality 16″ wheel bike for ages 4 to 6 years

4 year old Cycle Sprog Jessica has been putting the Woom 3 through its paces

Review of the Woom 2 kids 14″ wheel bike for ages 3 to 5 years

Our 4 year old tester has been putting one the lightest weight 14″ wheel bikes to the test

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Woom 1+ kids bike 2021

woom 1 PLUS

Woom Bikes are an Austrian company who are now available here in the UK.  They are one of only a few brands who have a big balance bike available for older and taller children. 

It comes with both front and rear brakes which helps with the step up to a pedal bike if and when the time is right. 

One thing we like about the woom range is that they colour code the rear brake lever and the brake pads, so you can just tell your child to use the green brake. No confusing left/rights or front/backs.  This colour coding continues through their starter pedal bikes which is helpful.  

Woom 1 toddle balance bike 2021

woom 1

With a minimum inside leg measurement of just 26cm the woom 1 is one of the best balance bikes for shorter toddlers ready to move onto two wheels, and with 12cm of growth it’ll last for a long while. 

This balance bike is fitted with a rear brake (which a young toddler won’t be ready to use) but it’s there ready to help get them prepared to move onto a pedal bike as they grow.

The brake pad and the brake lever on the woom 1 are both green.  This starts to make sense when you move onto the woom 2 and woom 3 pedal bikes, which both have the same rear brake feature – you just need to say “use the green brake” when teaching them how to stop properly.

Woom 5 kids bike 2021 - Woom 5 kids bike 2021 - a 24" wheel bike which can be fitted with kickstand and mudguards for cycling to school all year round

woom 5

The woom 5 has a slightly more of an upright riding style than some other kids bikes and can be fitted with a kickstand and mudguards (available to buy seperately) making it good for regular commuting all year round. 

However, it also has Kenda small block tyres and 8 Speed 29 T by 11-32T gearing (operated by a SRAM X4 Twist Grip) which makes it fun to ride off road too and has the gearing to get up some quite steep hills.

We’ve reviewed a couple of the smaller Woom Bikes and were incredibly impressed with the quality and attention to detail. If you think of an Austrian bike built with the same quality and attention to detail as Islabikes, then you can understand why this bike isn’t cheap, but is well worth the price tag. 

Woom 6 kids bike 2021

woom 6

The woom 6 is one of the lightest 26″ wheel kids bikes available, making it easy to manoeuvre.  This is worth thinking about if your child is having to lift their bike up and down steps, or if you’re lifting onto a bike rack on a regular basis. 

The gearing is well suited to riding up hills with an easy gear for climbing.

We’ve reviewed several of the smaller single speed woom bikes and were very impressed with the quality and performance – they handled the daily school run all winter and still looked as good as new.

Woom 4 kids bike 2021 - Woom 4 kids bike 2021 - a lightweight kids bikje which can be fitted with kickstand and mudguards

woom 4

The Austrian kids bike brand woom is a relative newcomer to the UK, with a range of very lightweight bikes that are proving popular with Cycle Sprog readers.

The woom 4 is their 20″ wheel offering, and at 7.7 kg it’s one of the lightest geared bikes on the market.

It’s is a good choice for urban cycling, as you can add in an optional extra kickstand and mudguards which can be useful on the daily commute.  

However, this isn’t just a bike for riding on road.  The woom 4 is fitted with Kenda Small block tyres, meaning you can confidently venture onto gravel and grass without any worries.

We’ve reviewed two of the smaller woom bikes are were very impressed with them – they performed very well being ridden daily to school during the Cumbrian winter.

Woom 3 kids bike 2021

woom 3

The woom 3 is one of the lightest 16″ wheel bike we’ve reviewed.   This is due to almost every part on the Woom 3 being made from lightweight aluminium, and it meant our 4 year old tester was able to easily pick the bike up and move it around.

A nice touch is that the rear brake block and the rear brake lever both have green on them, so you can call out to your child to pull on the green brake – simple but effective!

Read our review of the Woom 3 here to find out why we were so impressed with this bike. [sc name="bike-club-woom-bikes" bike_name="woom 3" ][/sc] [sc name="bike-club-16-inch-deal" ][/sc]

Woom 2 kids bike 2021

woom 2

If you’re looking for a first bike for your Cycle Sprog then the Woom 2 is an excellent choice as it’s one of the lightest 14″ wheel bikes available.

When we reviewed this bike we were really impressed at how well it performed on the daily school run in all weathers and our tester loved how easy the bike was to ride.

One thing that’s great about the woom 2 is the different coloured brake levers, so you can tell your child to use the green brake and there’s no chance of them getting their left and rights mixed up. Clever! 

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