Booooom! Review of the Knog Boomer front light

Silicone valley, silicone implants and silicone bike lights - don't get em confused or you'll end up with some weird looks riding down the high street.

Knog Boomer front lightToday we're taking a look at the Knog Boomer front light, a silicone bodied front mounted LED light that, because of its sleek appearance dupes you into thinking that it may have 'candle power' levels of illumination. However, these fears are soon allayed as the Boomer kicks out an impressive beam of light from its 50 lumens, providing good visibility under the night sky.

Our test version takes two AAA batteries, which is a handy size as it means you can always stuff in some rechargeable goodness. But if batteries are not your thing then it's also available as a USB version that fully recharges in two and a half hours, so you can plug and go whenever you need to top up on juice.

Comprising two parts, a tough yet smooth silicone outer sheath and a plastic inner that houses the batteries, it's available in six funky colours (well, five plus black), and is available to buy as a front light, rear light or in a twin pack.

A single white LED is tasked with providing the bright stuff, with a reputed 3 hours use on steady, and up to 12 hours on one of the three flashing modes before your batteries pack up.


The quick-release fitting system actually forms part of the slim silicone body (68 x 50 x 34mm), with the tail wrapping around your handlebars (standard or over-sized) and hooking into a plastic clip. It's a straightforward and a common fixing method that works well, so there should be no surprises with this one.

Knog Boomer front light - in use

It's starting to get darker earlier in this part of the world, so having lights that you can rely on is a must. The Boomer has already gone through the testing regime, but I'm still finding that it's the one light I find popping in my pocket in case I end up heading home later than expected. I also like the fact that it doesn't try and turn itself on inside my jacket pocket, however I'm not so keen on the fact that it's a dust and fluff magnet. When extricated from either trouser or jacket pocket, it emerges looking like something you'd expect to find in a tramps beard. Silicone eh!

On local roads and in town, it gives a very bright beam with a good spread of light which is impressive considering its meagre size. It's even brighter if you remove the protective packaging seal from the lens - duh.

Knog Boomer front light on T's scooterI've also found it useful off the bike as well, either as a handy torch or being used by my youngest as a light for his scooter, with the strap attaching nicely onto the upright.

The Boomer held its own in the Soggy Bear test, passing the two minutes with ease and with no sign of water ingress making its crafty way through to the clever parts of the light. Turning it on with winter gloves posed no real issues either, apart from a slight vagueness when trying to locate the switch which manifests itself as a slight 'bump' in the casing and so isn't really felt due to the padding of the gloves. However, as it's slap bang in the middle of the case, a stab with a gloved finger seemed to produce the desired result every time.


Knog Boomer bike light or Koala Boomer head torchA compact and reasonably lightweight offering from the bods at Knog, that fits a multitude of bar sizes and grips on like a Koala in a hurricane. It's not the cheapest on the market but it feels well made, looks good and does the job, emitting a strong light with a good spread which is ideal for warning other road users of your approach.

Knog Boomer front light - where to get your hands on one

The Knog Boomer is available at WiggleChain Reaction Cycles and Halfords.  The RRP is £24.99


The Knog Boomer front light was supplied for test.

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