Best Black Friday Deals on women's e-bikes

Over the past year or so, I've started to become increasingly serious about thinking about getting an electric bike (or two - or even three -  commuting, road and MTB!!) As the Sprogs are getting older, I'm struggling to keep up with them, both at trail centres, and on the road.  And the youngest is only just turned 10!!! The interesting thing is I thought it was just me, but I'm talking to a lot of mums and they're all finding the same thing. So here's a quick post on a few of the Black Friday deals on women's e-bikes for all those cycling mums out there struggling to keep up!!! (We've also got another post on deals on hybid ebikes and electric mountain bikes if these are more your thing - or you're a dad struggling to keep up)


Black Friday deals on Women's Ebikes

I'm not writing too much about each bike - in some cases just listing the bike, the discount and the place to go for further information, as these bikes are shifting fast!

Scott E-Sub Cross 20 Womens Electric Hybrid Bike - now £1,489

If you're looking for a hybrid e-bike to cover all types of cycling, then Evans Cycles are discounting the Scott E-Sub Cross 20 2018 Womens Electric Hybrid Bike, down from £1,949 to £1,489 (23% off). At time of writing they had M and L frames left.

Scott esub Cross 20 womens ebike Black Friday discount

I like the fact that the Scott E Sub has front suspension, so should be good for both on and off road riding - especially given the number of potholes we have round us!

Buy now: Scott E-Sub Cross 20 2018 Womens Electric Hybrid Bike at Evans Cycles

Cannondal Quick Neo Tourer - Was £2,500 now £1,500

Grey is obviously a popular choice for women's e-bikes!!! Rutland Cycles have the Cannondale Quick Neo Tourer 2018 Womens Electric Hybrid Bike (XS size only) reduced from £2,500 to £1,500 a whopping 40% (or £1,000) off the original price.  They also give free UK delivery.

The 2018 Quick Neo is Cannondales answer to a women's electric hybrid bike, featuring a Shimano STEPs eDrive system and a Suntour 63mm suspension fork. This bike will get you around quickly and comfortably - whether on city roads, or on gentle off road riding, such as canal towpaths.   It includes front and rear lights, rear carry rack, plus a kickstand as standard.

Buy now: Cannondale Quick Neo Tourer Womens 2018 Electric Hybrid Bike at Rutland Cycles

Raleigh Array E-Motion Low Step 700c Womens 2018 - Electric Hybrid Bike - WAS £1,110 NOW £865

Raleigh womens e-bike black friday deals

Gosh, these e-bike names just trip off the tongue, don't they!! Tredz have the "Raleigh Array E-Motion Low Step 700c Womens 2018 Electric Hybrid Bike" reduced from £1,100 to just £989.  Definitely a cheaper and more fun way to get around then a car!  This one has a low step through mount, so better if you're wearing skirts or wider trousers.

Buy now: Raleigh Array E-Motion Low Step 700c Womens 2018 Electric Hybrid Bike

Cube Sting Hybrid 140 Race 500 27.5" Womens 2018 - Electric Mountain Bike - Now £2,799 

Cube Sting Hybrid Race MTB womens electric bike black friday deals


Whoaa!!! Now we're talking serious off road mountain biking!! I'm not quite sure I'd be able to do this e-bike justice with my pathetic attempts at getting down the trails, but I don't doubt this would make trying to keep up with the Sprogs a lot more fun!!

The Cube Sting Hybrid 140 Race 500 is reduced from £3,199 to £2,800 at Tredz - it comes in two frame sizes.

Save now: Cube Sting Hybrid 140 Race 500 27.5" Womens Electric Mountain Bike at Tredz

Haibike SDuro Hardlife 3.0 27.5" Womens 2018 - Electric Mountain Bike - WAS £2,349 NOW £1,469

Haibike womens electric mountain bike black friday deals

Whilst the Cube would no doubt be an amazing bike, it is a tad expensive! The other women's electric mountain bike that Tredz have discounted is the Haibike SDuro Hardlife 3.0 27.5" down to £1,469 (from £2,349).   Not quite such an impressive specification, and personally I don't find it as appealing on the eye (but then neither am I after hauling myself up to the trail head!)

Save now: Haibike SDuro Hardlife 3.0 27.5" Women's Electric Mountain Bike

If you find a brilliant deal on an e-bike do let me know what you end up with - the comments box is below. I'm bound to be really jealous!!!!

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  1. Fergus O'Loughlin says:

    This is worth a read:

    My wife now has an e-MTB (Vitus e-Sentier) which allows her to tackle longer rides with me... so for example we did a recce for our School MTB ride along the South Downs Way which was nearly 50k of the route and over 60k by the time we'd got home. She's now riding 15k to work, and then back (now in the dark) one or two days a week. As it says in the article "People Who Use E-bikes Ride More" - and that's most definitely a good thing!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks for sharing this Fergus - anything that gets more people cycling is definitely a good thing, and e-bikes allow longer commutes or heavier loads. Glad your wife is enjoying the e-bike - I think I'll be joining her at some point as I really struggle to keep up with the Sprogs now they're reaching the teenage years! Karen

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