Burley bike trailers – great for transporting your children

Burley is the world’s best known trailer brand, producing trailers for over 30 years. They are renowned for their quality and safety standards – if you hire a trailer for the day, chances are it is a Burley bike trailer.

For transporting two children, they have four main models, starting with the Bee, their entry level model, the Encore (mid range) with the Cub and the D’Lite being the premium models.  They also do a single seat model, called ‘The Solo’.

Burley trailers are rigorously tested in house, and the company publishes full details of the testing schedule.

Every Burley child trailer also receives external testing with all Burley child trailers meeting or exceeding the ASTM F1975-09 standards (for U.S. and international) and the EN 15918 standards (Europe) for bicycle child trailers.

Burley also produce such a comprehensive range of accessories for the trailers, chances are that if you think of it, they’ve already made it. These ranging from stroller and ski conversion kits, through storage covers to baby snugglers for your new born, although not all of these are readily available in the UK at the moment. We’ve listed the couple available at the bottom of this post.

The following features come as standard on every Burley trailer:

Burley bike trailer - Solo folded flat

The Burley Solo folded flat

Full internal roll cage
Anodized aluminum frame tubes and hinges
Forged aluminum hitch
Wheel guard protection
600D polyester cover and seat fabric
Front-to-rear fold-flat design
Reflective materials and reflectors (front, rear and wheels)
UV protected windows
Recessed helmet pocket
Safety flag
Interior pockets
Rear cargo area

Obviously this level of quality comes at a price. Entry level models start at about £300 and rise steeply to over £650, however resale values are very good. It’s worth checking out eBay and the classified ads, as the Burley quality means that you can find good examples with plenty of miles left.

Burley bike trailers – the range

Burley D’Lite  (RRP £650)

Burley bike trailer - dliteThe Burley D’Lite is Burley’s top of the range model, and it comes with a host of features that you’d expect for the price tag.

It has seating for one or two children and includes bowed-out sides for enhanced shoulder room, an elastomer suspension system, reclining seats, tinted UV protected windows, and an adjustable sunshade. It also comes with a waterproof cover and zippers.

Inside, your little one enjoys the benefits of deluxe reclining padded seats, a five-point harness and padded shoulder harness and you will benefit from the fact that the seat pads and shoulder harnesses are removable and fully washable.

Some local bike stores hold Burley’s premium range, so do give them a call. Online, one of the main distributors for the D’Lite are Evans Cycles .


Burley Cub (RRP £565)

Burley bike trailer - CubThe Cub is Burley’s premier trailer for high use and on-road cycling. They claim that it is the narrowest hard-bottom trailer on the market today, so is ideal for not taking up too much road space.

It is also quite probably the trailer you’ll get if you rent one for the day, due to its durable double-walled plastic base.

The Cub features an elastomer suspension system and insulating base design for smooth, quiet riding in any road or weather conditions. With seating for one or two children, it includes an adjustable sunshade, reclining seats and tinted side windows.

Some local bike stores hold Burley’s top of the range trailers, so do give them a call. If you’d rather by on line, the main retailers for the Cub are Evans Cycles.

Tredz Spend and Save

Burley Encore (RRP £450)

The Encore is ideal for parents who don’t need all the bells and whistles of the D’Lite, but insist upon the highest levels of durability, safety and convenience. With seating for one or two children, the Encores key features are:

  • Burley bike trailer - EncoreHeight-adjustable handlebar that doubles as a roll bar
  • Five-point harness and padded shoulder harness
  • Removable, washable seat pad and shoulder harness
  • Reclining seats
  • Tinted UV protected side windows
  • Adjustable sunshade
  • Parking brake
  • Weather-resistant zippered cover

The Encore is more widely available than the D’Lite, so do check with your local bike store.  It is also available at for internet purchase at:

Wiggle Online Cycle Store
Evans Cycles


Burley Bee Bike Trailer (RRP £300)

Burley bike trailer - Bee TrailerThe Burley Bee is less than half the price of the D’Lite, but still has the same standard safety features.  The main difference is in the fixtures and fittings, with the Bee having  suspended fabric seating for one or two children, a rear tailgate for easy access to cargo and a non-zip two-in-one cover for weather protection.

The Bee is the most widely available of Burley’s trailers, so check with your local bike shop to see if they hold it in stock. If you prefer to buy online, the Bee is usually available at the following:

Wiggle Online Cycle Shop
Evans Cycles
Rutland Cycling


Burley Solo (RRP £550)

Burley bike trailer - Solo Bike TrailerThe Solo, as the name suggests, is a single seat trailer. It  has all the same features (and price tag) as the premium D’Lite, with the exception of the suspension, but obviously is much lighter to tow.

Not quite as easy to get hold of as the two seater trailers, check Evans Cycles for availability.


Burley Trailer Storage Cover

Burley bike trailer coverBurley recommend you store your trailer inside, but this isn’t aways possible or practicable, especially if you’re using it several times a day.

If you need to keep your trailer outside for any length of time, this water-resistant storage cover will help protect it.

The cover fits all Burley child and pet trailers, and is available at Wiggle Online Cycle Store


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