Choosing a Frog Bike - what size and colour will we get?

It's not often a completely new children's bike comes on the market, so here at Cycle Sprog we're really pleased to have been asked by Frog Bikes to review one of their range.

When I broke the news to 6 year old N the grin reached from ear to ear. His first reaction was to say "I've already got a Frog bike light - is this a Knog Frog bike?"   So first lesson of the day was that Frog Bikes are made by a new family owned British company called Frog, and the Frog bike light he was given as part of the Bike It scheme at school is made by an Australian company called Knog. Oh what rhyming fun a 6 year old can have with that!!

What size Frog Bike do we need?

Next step was to decide what size Frog bike he needs. "My Giant mountain bike is a 20" he quite rightly reminded me.  The next lesson was into how Frog bikes are sized.

Rather than using the traditional wheel sizes, which are calculated based on how tall your child is, Frog bikes are sized based on their inside leg measurement. So, for example, the Frog 60 Mountain Bike will fit a child with a minimum leg measurement of 60cm.

How to measure a child's inside leg for a Frog bike

The Frog Bike website has a guide to measuring the inside leg, and soon N was standing up against the wall, in his socks, as a hard backed book was moved up in between his legs in a vaguely James Bond'ish manner.

N had to say when it stopped being comfortable, and some confusion ensued as the book was catching on his pyjama bottoms. A useful tip is to not measure their inside leg while they a wearing baggy trousers or PJ's!!

Once he'd determined the comfort point, it was just a case of measuring from the top of the book to the floor. N's measurement was 56.5 cm.

Now time for a mini maths lesson, as he returned to the website to work out which bike he would need. The table shows the minimum leg length you need for each bike, and he correctly identified he'd need the Frog 55.

Which colour Frog Bike is best?

Now time for N to look at the bikes and choose which colour scheme he liked. The Frog 55 comes in 4 different colours, and after a bit of deliberation his order of preference came out as:
1) Red
2) Orange
3) Purple
4) Spotty

Frog 52 Spotty kids bikeOne of the great things about Frog Bikes is that with their spotty bike they've designed a fun looking bike that appeals of kids, without adorning it with princesses or super heros.  I'd been speaking to Beth at The Little Bike Company the other day, and she told me the Spotty was their most popular seller, so N's positioning of it at the bottom of the list was slightly unexpected.

Sometimes my boys really surprise me, and I certainly wasn't ready for his response when I asked him why he didn't want the spotty one. "It reminds me of, you know - that teddy bear - the one with the spotty eye patch - Pudsey Bear".   Not a reason to decline to ride one, he later confirmed, but for this young cyclist the red definitely won hands down!

Once the Frog Bike arrives, a number of our Cycle Sprog reviewers will be testing it out to see how this new entrant to the market performs.  We'll be posting our updates on the site soon, so do please come back and find out how they get on.

UPDATE:  Click here for the Cycle Sprog review of the Frog 55 kids bike.

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