Keep your kids active (and win a bike) with the Flying Fergus Challenge

A summer challenge for children has been launched, based on Sir Chris Hoy's popular Flying Fergus kids books, in an attempt to get more kids exercising (and preferably riding a bike). The Flying Fergus Summer Challenge can be entered either by individuals, or by schools. The prize for the individual winner is a brand new Hoy bike, and a visit to your school from Sir Chris Hoy for the winning school.

What is the Flying Fergus Summer Challenge?

Flying Fergus Summer ChallengeThe Flying Fergus Summer Challenge is based on Sir Chris Hoy’s action packed, cycling adventure series, Flying Fergus, as well as his cycling handbook, On Your Bike. It is also inspired by recent research carried out by The British Journal of Sports Medicine. The research found that children stop exercising from as young as seven (yes, seven!) years old – having huge affects on health and wellbeing. Here are some facts from the report:

• On average, boys spent 75 minutes a day exercising when they were seven, falling to 51 minutes when they were 15.

• The average girl spent 63 minutes per day doing moderate to strenuous physical activity when seven years old, which fell to 41 minutes at 15.

• Children aged seven spent half their day sitting, and by the age of 15 this had gone up to three-quarters of their day spent sitting.

Sir Chris, Fergus and his pals decided it’s time to STOP all the sitting in schools and to START the exercising! This is where the Flying Fergus Summer Challenge comes in.

How does the Flying Fergus Summer Challenge Work?

Flying Fergus and friendsThe Flying Fergus Summer Challenge is an exercise-based challenge to be completed over the six-week holiday. It also incorporates various educational ‘pit stops’ or objectives to keep kids stimulated over the break.

The aim of the Summer Challenge is for children to gain PEDAL POWER throughout the summer holiday. They can do this in three ways:
1. By completing their chosen exercise for a certain amount of time per day
2. By completing bonus ‘pit stop’ activities in the Children’s Pack, which include learning about the Highway Code
3. By reading short extracts from the Flying Fergus books (printed in the Children’s Pack) and answering some questions

The more Pedal Power amassed by your child, the more likely he or she is to win the grand prize of either a visit to their school by Sir Chris Hoy himself (if entered as part of a class) or a brand spanking new Hoy bike (to the value of £300) and a Flying Fergus goodie bag.

Hoy Bonaly 20 kids bike

For more information and to register for the challenge download this parents pack, and the associated kids pack.

You can purchase the Flying Fergus books online from Amazon and Waterstones, as well as your local book shop.

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