Anyone for coffee?

At this time of year there’s nothing I like better than a lovely warming cup of coffee. It makes me smiley and gives my fingers the chance to thaw, especially if I’ve been out cycling.  However, since the boys came along, those halcyon days of a relaxed coffee and cake in a bike friendly cafe at the end of a hard ride are a distant memory, for reasons including cost, kids boredom thresholds and the need to get home to pick up the any number of domestic tasks you care to mention.

In an attempt to maintain my coffee fix, I have a little coffee station set up at home and get a real pleasure from making myself (and Mrs CycleSprog) a coffee, and the boys a baby-chino or hot chocolate, after we’ve been out on the bikes.  I like the ‘making’ process but wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m a coffee geek, however I do love the ritual of heating the cups, taking the beans out of the bag and taking a huuuge sniff, before grinding them up and creating something joyous to share.

So when I received a message from Pact Coffee to try out some of their offerings, how could I resist?

DSC_6029Now Pact is a relatively new company gaining a reputation for delivering top quality, ethically sourced, fresh coffee from around the globe to your door, as and when you want it. Having started discussions, Valentin at Pact said he’d send across a couple of samples to try. Now, what I hadn’t expected was for those samples to arrive the next morning, having been packed the day of our chat and roasted  in Bermondsey the previous day. Superb! You specify whether you want beans, or they can grind to your requirements just before shipping – simple .

Furthermore, the packages are designed to fit through a standard letterbox so no having to track your coffee down at the local sorting office, which can be an arduous task.

First thoughts

On opening up the first bag it was a real explosion on the senses, with an incredibly rich aroma bursting through. I’ve never really noticed such an impact before, so maybe that’s down to the freshness of the contents?

Grinning away happily to myself, I carried out the obligatory hand dip to get the sensation of the smooth beans running through the fingers – lovely.

DSC_6021So how does Pact Coffee taste?

Well the Fig Pudding Espresso was oh so rich, complemented by a gorgeous sweet taste, while the San Marcos Timana was softer, not as heavy and went very well with milk. In both cases, both were delicious and seriously flavoursome, something that can’t often be said for supermarket coffees.

Do they do decaf?

Yup, and that’s a good thing as we get through quite a lot of decaf in our household, either due to time of night or somebody’s low threshold for caffeine after years of pregnancy and breastfeeding! It also gives the boys chance to have a little taster, which is something they enjoy on an occasional basis. The Mexican Decaffeinated Las Chicharras we tested was very well received in the Cycle Sprog household, with a hint of flavour that in some ways was actually reminiscent of ‘creme brulee’ as per the tasting note on the pack! I must admit that this one saw a great deal of action day and night.

Discount Code from Pact Coffee for all Cycle Sprog readers

Pact are offering Cyclesprog readers the chance to try out their service via the Pact website with voucher code CYCLESPROG50 to get your first 250g bag for £3.50 (50% OFF). That’s about 15 cups’ worth. Pact operates on a flexible subscription model but you can cancel any time so there are no strings attached to this offer.

Ready to take the plunge? Order before 1pm Monday to Friday and your fresh bag of Pact will be with you tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Cycle Sprog was provided with free samples of Pact Coffee to review

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