Islabikes launch new range of kid's bike tyres

When Islabikes unveiled their new Pro Series range earlier in the year we were promised that the R&D off the back of this would feed through into their other bikes. Yesterday we saw evidence of this with the launch of a new range of Islabikes kid's bike tyres.

Testing our Scots Gaellic pronunciation once more, the tyres are called Gréim and Réidh. Both tyres (whose tread pattern was first thought of during the development of the Islabikes’ Pro Series range) are available in a standard and pro specification.

The Pro specification tyres are lightweight folding tyres for racing, and the standard versions are wire beaded with increased puncture protection for an improved all round riding experience.

The Réidh standard tyre will come fitted on Islabikes smaller kids bikes.

So, without further ado, let's take a closer look at what Islabikes are offering with their new range of kid's bike tyres:

The Islabikes Gréim Pro Cyclo-cross tyre 

Landing this week is the Gréim Pro Cyclo-cross tyre.  For those of you whose Scots Gaelic isn't too great, Gréim is pronounced "ga-rhyme" and means ‘grip’.

The Gréim Pro promises to be a lightweight all round cyclo-cross race tyre that offers speed and grip in multiple conditions. It's aimed (and priced) at the serious junior cyclo-cross competitor who is looking for every advantage that each carefully chosen component can provide.

Islabikes Greim Pro Tyre

The Gréim Pro tyre has a tread pattern with a closely-spaced centre line section to reduce rolling resistance on hard pack, and carefully scaled and spaced aggressive side knobs for effective mud shedding and excellent grip in corners.

The 185 TPI casing on a folding Kevlar bead incorporates skinwall technology giving a smooth and supple ride at lower pressures.

The Gréim Pro tyres will retail at £34.99 per tyre and are available in three sizes - 24", 26" and 700c. Weights are as follows:

24" x 1.18 (30-507) - 260g
26" x 1.22 (31-559) - 300g
700 - 32c (32-622) - 340g

The Gréim tyre

Realising that not everyone requires a Pro Standard tyre for their cyclo-cross bike, Islabikes have also launched a cheaper version.  The  Gréim features the same tread pattern as the Gréim Pro.

Retailing at £19.99 per tyre, the Gréim tyres feature a lower thread count than the Gréim Pro (at 72 TPI), a wire bead plus a Kevlar belt for added puncture protection.

Greim kids bike tyres

The Gréim tyres will also be available in the same sizes as the Gréim Pro, but obviously they will come in slightly heavier:

24 x 1.18 (30-507) - 360g
26 x 1.22 (31-559) - 390g
700 - 32c (32-622) - 440g

Here at Cycle Sprog we predict that Gréim tyres will very soon be seen fitted to Islabikes Luath (and other bikes) at junior cyclo-cross races up and down the country.

Islabikes Réidh kid's bike tyres

Joining the Gréim and Gréim Pro is a new line of Islabikes tyres called Réidh (pronounced "ree" meaning ‘smooth’ in Scots Gaelic).

This is the benefit from the Islabikes Pro Series R&D that will impact the majority of their riders, as the Réidh will now be the standard tyre on the following bikes:

Islabikes Rothan -  balance bikes
Islabikes Cnoc - first pedal bikes
Islabikes Beinn - multi-purpose kids bikes

Islabikes Reidh kids bike tyre

Improvements brought with the Réidh tyres include additional puncture protection (thanks to a Kevlar belt) and reflective sidewalls for increased visibility and safety when riding at night.  These tyres are designed to perform on a wide range of surfaces.

The Islabikes Réidh tyres will come in six sizes.  The 12", 14", 16" and 20" tyres are all priced at £14.99 each.  The 24" and 26" Réidh tyres are priced at £19.99 per tyre. 

Technical spec is as follows:

12 x 1.25 (32-203) -180g
14 x 1.30 (33 - 254) - 230g
16 x 1.35 (34 - 305) - 240g
20 x 1.40 (35 - 406) - 365g
24 x 1.45 (37 - 507) - 465g
26 x 1.50 (38 - 559) - 470g

The Réidh Pro tyres

Young racers in the U8's and U10's cyclo-cross will be delighted to know that the 16" and 20” versions of the Réidh are also available in a Pro spec priced at £29.99 per tyre as follows:

16 x 1.35 (34 - 305)  - 180g
20 x 1.40 (35 - 406)  - 260g

Reidh Pro Kids Bike Tyres


All the new Islabikes kid's bike tyres are available to order now from the Islabikes website.

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